Invisible braces in Mumbai
13 August 2019

Ten benefits of Invisible Braces

A smile is the best thing we can wear and not choosing to, be such a shame. People nowadays are conscious about how they look while smiling. Imperfect teeth have impacted the self-esteem of so many people, and maybe you are one of them. Smile is not your strong suit, but who said it couldn’t be.  Adults stay with their imperfect teeth thinking that the time to consider braces is long gone. Most people are not aware that there are other options besides the traditional metal braces. Invisible braces will change your mind about the old methods.

Invisible dental braces are not only modest, but they are comfortable and convenient for your working and social life criteria. The need to getting a beautiful smile has encouraged the dentistry industry to find treatments that are more suitable for people.

Below are 10 benefits of invisible braces you need to know.


As we mentioned, earlier, invisible braces are virtually transparent, making them less noticeable. Compared to old traditional metal braces, people opt for invisible braces as cosmetically they are hardly seen. Working in a professional setting or going out on a social meet up, you are bound to be conscious about your smile. This is the very reason people tend to opt for invisible dental braces as they are hardly noticeable.

Maintaining your teeth is easier

Brushing and flossing your teeth are two things you need to do to take care of your teeth. But did you know invisible braces makes that more comfortable. The struggle to keep your teeth clean with metal braces is tiring. Food getting stuck on or in-between and worrying about plaque is a whole other thing. With invisible braces, you don’t have to worry about plaque or cavities build up. Patients have often developed calcium deposits on their teeth, which are visible once the metal braces come off, which may need cosmetic treatment. Aligned teeth make it easier to be cleaned and flossed.


Invisible braces make it easier to speak, how? Here is how. Traditional braces take space in your mouth, making your speech difficult. The latest technology makes invisible braces with CAD-CAM and 3D models, making it thin, so your tongue and lips can adapt quickly to it. It would take just a few days to adjust to speaking with trays, and if you feel like not wearing them in case, you can remove them.


Using any standard product is all about comfort, and using dental braces is imperative in our day to day life. Metal braces cause a lot of discomforts, whereas Invisible braces are thinner, making them more comfortable. Patients have complained about soreness and rashes in their gums with traditional metal braces, and it makes it worse after adjustment. Invisible braces don’t cause such problems. Indeed you won’t even notice them in your mouth.


Patients that use Invisible braces will not experience or complain about mouth ulcers, as the tray is made precise to the measurement of your teeth. The traces are removable so brushing, flossing and keeping them clean is much more efficient. You will not have to worry about growing cavities and tooth decay caused due to food stuck in your teeth. The best part about it is you don’t have to worry about staining your teeth with coffee or tomato sauces.

More Variety in Foods

If you are familiar with metal braces, then you must be aware of the extended list of foods to avoid when a patient is wearing metal braces. You are supposed to avoid popcorn, corn, candy, apple, gum, cotton candy. You pretty much have to avoid foods that are sticky or hard or chewy. With invisible braces, you don’t have to worry about food restrictions as they can be removed. So you can remove them and enjoy your favorite food.

Aligns your teeth

Coming to the primary reason for having invisible braces is the alignment of your teeth. There are multiple reasons your teeth can shift like natural growth, injury, or health condition. If you have gaps in your teeth or they seem to be crowded, you likely need braces. Teeth conditions as such can cause plaque, gum bleeding, cavities, or can even lead to periodontal disease. Braces will not only align your teeth but will improve your dental health.


A lot of have the belief that all dental treatments are expensive, and that has led them to go without braces or dental treatments. Traditional braces were expensive in the old days, but a lot has changed, and braces like invisible braces are much more affordable. If you are looking for Invisible braces in Mumbai, Shah’s Dental Serenity have the best services for Invisible Aligners.

No Jaw Pain

A lot of people have a habit of gritting or grinding their teeth that can cause long-term neck and jaw pain. Jaw pain causes intense headaches that result in a disturbance in day to day life. Invisible braces can help you develop habits that will help you eliminate such harmful practices.

Cosmetically Superior

Metal braces are highly visible, and some patient doesn’t want others to notice. Aligners braces are a cosmetically superior choice to traditional braces in these matters. Shah’s Dental Serenity is one of the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Mumbai; you can get your invisible braces. Shah’s Dental Serenity is the best dentist in Mumbai for all your dental treatments.

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