How To Get The Strength And Resilience Needed For Your Tooth
28 November 2018

How To Get The Strength And Resilience Needed For Your Tooth

A sparkling, dazzling, and attractive smile can add to your magnetic personality as well as win hearts for you. That quintessential million-dollar smile is what every individual craves for! However, it’s crucial to know that the road to a fabulous smile begins with strong, healthy, and white teeth. Strength, power, and resilience are three of the most crucial elements of dental health. The presence of a weak tooth will not only affect oral health, but also impact your smile in a negative way.Most of the individuals suffering from dental issues look for targeted treatments but are completely unaware of their sources. You might come across a myriad of options when it comes to choosing the top clinics. However, it’s always important to identify appropriate treatments and then choose the dental centers offering it.

The story of a missing tooth

  1. Critical accidents in childhood, severe sports injuries, or several other reasons can give rise to problems like ‘missing tooth’. Absence of a tooth or a set of teeth can affect the overall appearance as well as dental health. Most importantly, those suffering from such issues fail to enjoy their food and have to bear the brunt of severe toothache.

  2. Finding the perfect alternative for a missing tooth would be the right thing to do, and it’s here that pioneers in dental care introduce the most effective treatment.

Introducing dental implants .

When a tooth goes missing, a new replacement takes its position. However, it is crucial to make an appropriate aperture for the new tooth to fit and adjust itself in the existing dental structure. The surgical procedure of installing this new substitute is termed as dental implant installation, and it is these implants that attach the new tooth to the jawbone seamlessly.

Opting for professional and authentic treatments

Going by the processes and steps involved in dental implant installation, it is always better to opt for clinics that provide state-of-the-art services. As one of the pioneers in the field of dentistry and a reputed dental care clinic in the heart of Mumbai, Shah’s Dental Serenity offers the best treatments for dental implants. Here’s a quick glimpse of their treatments and after-care services:

    1. Bone augmentation: Since the new dental implant replaces the missing tooth, adequate strength and support from the jawbone emerges as a prime requisite. If the jawbone isn’t that strong or it fails to offer the desired support, bone augmentation is performed under the expert supervision of experienced dentists.


    1. Dental implant installation: It’s not just enough to choose a particular implant for your lost teeth. Proper and perfect installation is also necessary. The experts at leading clinics like Shah’s Dental Serenity extend professional help in this context.


    1. Restorative treatments: The prime focus in Shah’s Dental Serenity is providing patients with restorative treatments. Dentists working with this clinic are adept to latest procedures and emphasize on the significance of effective restoration.


    1. Advanced facilities: State-of-the-art equipment and latest procedures make the entire treatment process highly comfortable for patients. Surgeries are done by renowned and seasoned dentists who have years of professional experience too.


    1. 3-day treatments: The application of advanced Swiss technology and use of unique clinical procedures have made the 3-day treatment a successful alternative to the traditional dental care. Patients can now resume general activities within few days of surgery and won’t have to bear the pain of multiple surgeries.


One-stop solution for dental issues

Apart from the installation of dental implants, Shah’s Dental Serenity specializes in dental veneer installation, root canal treatments, teeth whitening solutions, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, as well as dental care for kids. As a comprehensive dental care clinic in Mumbai, it can surely ensure happy smiles for thousands of people.