Dental Tourism in India
16 January 2019

Dental Tourism and Dentistry in Mumbai

The 21st century is like a mute witness to the oral diseases caused all around the world due to the rapidly changing eating habits of the people. But on the other hand, the awareness is fast increasing in people. As a result, the number of patients who are willingly opting for the proper and apt treatment is also increasing. The difficult thing in the situation is to find the most suitable solution to the dental problems at an economic price and limited time.

How can it be possible?

Well, one of the most suitable solutions for the problem is dental tourism. Dental tourism, also termed as dental vacations or dental holidays, is a subset of the tourism in the medical sector. It also comprises of the individuals who are looking for dental care outside the typical healthcare systems, dental tourism is the best option for them as it included the vacation as well.

The phenomenon of dental tourism is becoming popular worldwide. Since the world is shrinking with each passing year, the competitiveness, material, technological advances, material, etc. are getting spread throughout in a rapid motion. This gives the opportunity to the dental care providers in the developing countries to provide with their services at an economic cost as compared to the service providers of the developed world.

The process flow of dental tourism

Dental tourism involves a series of steps that need to be followed. By doing so, the patient and his/ her family can ensure that the entire journey to a better smile is successful. By following these steps, it can be ensured that the actual costs don’t overshoot the budget kept aside for this purpose, thereby providing a superior healthcare experience for people coming from abroad for medical tourism to nations like India.

The stepwise procedure of going for the dental tour is as follows:

  1. Dental implants are metallic components that are used as anchors for various dental prosthetic procedures. Basically, these procedures are used to create a foundation for tooth replacement procedures.

  2. Firstly, the traveler gets in contact with either tour operators, the healthcare facility or dental expert directly. In this step, all the queries of the traveler are resolved and the fixation of the schedule takes place. With this schedule in mind, the traveler can book tickets and arrange for visas and hotel accommodation nearby

  3. All the documents are arranged by the tour operator in order to facilitate a smooth stay in the nation.

  4. Then after the documentation is done, the traveler leaves for the tourist country and goes through the treatment’s first phase.

  5. After going through one phase of the treatment, facilitator of the trip sets up the tour and other facilities required for the trip.

  6. As per the requirement of the treatment, a traveler needs to get back to the dentist, for the other phases of the treatment.

  7. After completion of the treatment, the traveler leaves for his home country and remain in touch with the dentist.

Travel and tourist spots

Dental tour to a megapolis like Mumbai will not only provide you with the quality dental services but also there are many soothing and beautiful must go spots. There are many nearby cities to visit like Goa, Lonavala, and Lavasa, that have emerged as dynamic tourist hotspots.

After spending the days in vibrant Bombay atmosphere, the palm-bordered beaches in Goa are ready to provide you with the warm spirit of the sun which helps in getting your mind relaxed and soothed. One more worthy option is to chill in the cool ancient caves of Buddha situated at the precipitous hillside.

What to eat when undergoing dental treatment?

Everyone is aware of the impact of food on the health of the person. But as a matter of fact, it also impacts the health of your gums and teeth. So when you undergo the dental treatment, the dentist advises you to feed on a few eatery items only which are quite soft in texture. So if you are dealing with the braces, canker sores, dry mouth, oral surgery or the orthodontic treatment, it is advised by the doctors to avoid the sticky, chewy or hard food as it can cause it to break. Items allowed are soft texture items like scrambled eggs, oatmeal, soups, milkshakes, smoothies, mashed potatoes, soft bread, yogurt, ice creams, protein shakes, pudding, custard, etc.

Hotel Details

If the traveler wants to get 5-star accommodation, the hotels available near to Shah’s Dental Serenity are The Taj, Trident Nariman Point etc. For the 4-star option, there are hotels like Hotel Krishna Palace, Hotel Shalimar, etc. And for the nearest 3 and 2-star options, the hotel options are Hotel Sapna, Rosewood, Castle, Empire, Tiptop, etc. The hotel options provided are the best nearby options located at the distance between 100 m to 6 km.

To and fro

The distance of the Shahs Dental Serenity located at Grant Road Mumbai. From the Mumbai airport it is 19.5 Kms whereas, from the Mumbai central railway station, it is just 1.5 Kms.

Several dental treatments and time it takes to complete treatment and heal

At Shah’s Dental Serenity, we specialize in a range of dental solutions that make your dental tourism objectives truly well worth every dollar spent.

The services provided include cosmetic veneers, braces treatment, teeth whitening, crown and bridges, root canal, dentures and wisdom tooth extraction, tooth colored fillings and child dentistry.

Connect with us at Shah’s Dental Serenity and take the right path to a truly dazzling smile and a confident personality.