A guide on Dental Tourism - Pros and Cons
10 October 2019

A guide on Dental Tourism - Pros and Cons

When you think about tourism, you probably picture yourself lounging on a beach chair sunbathing at some tropical beach. However, considering the numerous things that you have to manage and taking into account the risk of medical emergencies, this dream may seem like a far-sighted fantasy. There is a way out if you look at it very closely and it lies in the saying; prevention is better than cure. 

There are many underlying health problems in your body that you may not be aware about but how do you detect these problems and prevent them. To make it simple, you can start with problems that easily visible. Among the many organs that we have in our body, the ones that are on the posterior side of the body have problems that are easy to detect. The most common problems are dental problems.

Dental problems are known to deteriorate gradually causing pain. You can prevent these problems by combining them with your vacation while opting for dental tourism. 

Dental tourism is a division of medical tourism that centres on dental care and treatment. As per the rising cost of the treatment in developed countries, tourists prefer getting dental treatment overseas. Some people even choose to make the most out of their stay by touring the country. 

If you are from America or Europe, any Dental treatment for you is frightfully expensive at home. That the reason India is the place people recommended for Dental tourism and also for a splendid vacationing within exotic India. This concept is called a medical vacation extended by several medical tour workers in India. Numerous Dental Clinics provide packages that include Travel and Oral health procedures.   

Even though Dental Tourism is a fresh concept, it is growing and in the coming future, will see more growth. Even the most advanced treatments are done with ease by highly trained professionals, who have learned from the best institute around the world. Dental Tourism composes 10 percent of the whole medical tourism industry and is predicted to grow at 30 percent per annum by 2020. Each year hundreds of patients from all around the world, including  Canada, the USA, Europe, etc. travel to India for low cost for world-class dental treatment. Apart from the costs of dental treatment, dental tourists find India a beautiful country to visit.

Dental tourism is a profoundly complex topic with many pros and cons. Eventually, whether it is best for you depends on a lot of different factors, from your overall health, budget, and what treatment you wish to have. Consulting your dentist and getting an idea for your procedure is always a better idea. 

India has one of the leading numbers of professionals in the dental healthcare facilitation in the industry. It is frequently emerging as the destination of preference for a wide range of dental procedures and oral health. There are numerous benefits of visiting India for dental treatment. Below are some of the Pros for Dental Tourism. 

  • Internationally certified dental facilities were Doctors are practicing with the most advanced technologies.
  • Highly qualified Implantologists/Dentists/Orthodontics surgeons and well-trained support staff.
  • Dental treatment expenses in India are more economical by at least 60-80% compared to alike procedures in the USA and or any other countries.
  • Cost savings compared to domestic dental healthcare.
  • No Wait Lists.
  • No Language Barries in terms of Communication. 
  • It can easily be united with a holiday or business trip.

Every situation has good and bad, and dental tourism is no different. Here are some of the cons of dental tourism. 

  • Quality of treatment is a huge factor for people and also a trust factor. Compared to other countries, India is the leading country for a quality dental procedure. 
  • Visa and transportation Documentation is not provide. 
  • Recovery of the Patient is questioned due to the short period of stay. 
  • Problems that may occur later after the procedure needs immediate care and attention. 
  •  Receiving immediate care in a native country might cost even more if a wrong procedure needs to be corrected.

Thousands of people every year fly from the USA, the Middle East, and Europe to travel across India for a grand holiday and dental care. Western countries charge ten times more than that in India for even a basic dental procedure, whereas India is a Leading country in providing the best hospitality for Oral Health. Mumbai is the hub for Dental tourism for anyone patients who wants to get a Dental Implant, Teeth Whitening, or Invisible Braces. At Shah’s Dental Serenity, we extend complete dental care so that the duration of your stay is comfortable. We are always available to answer your questions and notify all about our facilities here.