A brief on different types of Cosmetic Dental Procedure
6 January 2020

A brief on different types of Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Dental treatment need not necessarily have to be reparative. Dental procedures can also be used to create beautiful smiles, and which are termed as cosmetic dental procedures. There are numerous cosmetic treatments, both quick and long terms depending on your teeth condition. Your teeth deserve an equal amount of attention as your face. With the advancement in techniques and technology in dentistry, creating a pleasant smile from broken, stained or cracked teeth is easily possible. There are multiple smile-enhancing options to correct your teeth alignment. Let us look into some of the most basic cosmetic dental producers and the best cosmetic dentist in Mumbai for these treatments. 

Teeth Whitening 

Stained or yellow teeth is a common problem people face due to passive oral hygiene habits and consumption of beverages that are not good for teeth. In such cases, teeth whitening treatment is recommended. The procedure is carried out by a professional dentist by using a specific solution on to your teeth for a period that helps to brighten your teeth's existing colour. Whitening can also be done using a laser, and the results usually last for two years or more depending on your dietary intake and oral hygiene measures.

Enameloplasty - teeth shaping 

Teeth shaping is a procedure, in which the outermost layer called the Enamel, is reconstructed to give it a more aesthetic appearance. This doesn't affect or causes any damage to your natural teeth as the reconstruction is permanent and is performed within physiological limits. There are numerous Dental Clinics in Mumbai who provides Enameloplasty and consultation. Enameloplasty is also called tooth reshaping, recontouring, enameloplasty, stripping, slenderizing or odontoplasty. 

Dental Composite (Aesthetic teeth fillings)

Dental composite is tooth coloured filling used for a broken or cracked tooth and sometimes to shape the front tooth for an aligned aesthetic appearance. People looking for an alternative or quick solution can certainly opt for it. However, the only disadvantage is the filling gets stained quickly depending on your dietary intake. 

Dental Veneers

Veneers or porcelain veneers or dental laminates are wafer-thin, custom-made scales to improve the esthetic of the front teeth. These are thin shells of Enamel that are stuck to the front surface of your teeth. Porcelain Veneers have been proven to be the longest-lasting restorations in the mouth. They offer long term solutions for multiple reasons like discoloured teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth and to even cover spaces in between teeth.

Dental Porcelain Crowns -

A dental cap or a crown is a cover that is placed over the natural tooth to restore the tooth to its standard size, shape and function and alter its colour and shade. It can be used when the cavity is too large, and the tooth is poorly shaped or worn down, after a root canal to protect restored teeth or for diastema closure. 

Dental Implants-

Dental implants are titanium screws that are installed in the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth. They offer a permanent solution and replicate natural teeth in terms of appearance and function. If taken care and maintained, they can last lifelong without any hassles. 

Invisible Braces-

Misaligned teeth can ruin a beautiful smile. No matter what your age is, it is possible to align them into a pleasing curve using Invisible braces treatment. This treatment not only brings your teeth into their ideal position, making your smile more aesthetic, but it also helps your teeth function better. 

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