10 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants
8 October 2018

Dental implants are surgical implant components used to connect the bone in the jaw to support various different types of dental prosthesis for orthodontic procedures.Dental implants are used for fixing prosthesis components by dentists like dentures.

Technological advancements in dentistry to get permanent teeth in 3 days
16 August 2018

Losing your tooth is a common problem, and for this reason, the dental implant process has become a common practice nowadays.

How to Improve Your Smile with Clear Braces?
27 July 2018

Having the perfect smile is a dream for many people who are not happy with the way their mouth and teeth look when they smile. People are very self-conscious about their smile and often try to give a small smile to hide their teeth.

Best Dental Clinic
27 June 2018

Based in the center of the dream city, Mumbai, the Shah Dental Clinic is renowned for its best dentists and specialists. It offers comprehensive solutions to the dental and oral health care.It strictly follows international standard, maintains high quality in terms of its services. Besides these, it uses infection regulating protocols.

How to get Permanent Teeth in 3 days?
24 June 2018

Our teeth are an integral part of our face and life. They help us chew food and also add to the beauty of our facial structure. However, when the teeth are not present we lose out on something very essential and it leaves us incomplete.

What are the popular types of dental services available in India ?
24 April 2018

Dental and oral healthcare is important for people of all age groups. It not only ensures strong teeth and healthy gums, but also provides a radiant look to the facial features In today’s times