5 things you need to know about dental tourism
23 August 2019

5 things you need to know about dental tourism

Over a short span of time, India has become the center for dental tourism. The development in the field of the medical sector has given a boost to the dentistry sector as well. India has become a favoured stop for dental tourism for its exclusive services, great team of dentist, infrastructure, high-tech technology. With technological advancement updated par with developed countries like the United States and Australia. India has some of the best treatment centres in the world for Dental and oral treatments.

Emerging as one of the best countries for dental tourism India is capitalizing on its affordable prices and well-trained dentists. Dental tourism in India attracts patients from all over the world for services like dental implants, root canal, dental cosmetic surgeries, full mouth reconstruction. Cosmetic smile-makers with veneers, invisible braces or Aligners are services that patients can receive at an affordable cost.

The complete process of having dental treatment abroad requires preparations and knowledge about the services, we have made it easier for you to know. 

What are the services provided in dental tourism?

One of the primary reasons to get dental treatment in India is the cost-effective services and expert doctors with years of experience providing the best hospitality. The ratio of dentists in India is one of the highest in the world, with multiple specialty dentist. Taking care of your teeth and gums is essential, as one toothache can create a disturbance in your daily routine, and that can be a considerable inconvenience for you professional life too.

If you compare Dental treatments in India with that of western countries, the cost and quality differ. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the cost is less than other countries, without affecting the quality of care and services. The benefits of getting treatment in a different country are the main reason Mumbai has become a hub for dental services. Considering the historic allure of Mumbai, you can get dental treatment and explore the city and make your holidays memorable.

What are the risks to consider?

It might sound like a no brainer, but considering any medical procedure has its own risk, whether done at home or abroad. You can pay good money to see a specialist, and things can still go wrong. The Indian Dental Association published that the ratio of dental service going wrong is low to none. The risk you should consider is the issues with infection risk and cleanliness. If you have an infection before a dental process say root canal, you will be prescribed antibiotics treat it. If you have an active injection during a procedure, you need to talk with your dentist about it. Poor hygiene practices and lack of accountability are the issues with dental tourism in many countries. Ask your dentist about the producer and how it is done; you can also get a second opinion from another dentist.

The benefits of dental tourism in India?

Dental tourism has grown enormously in India and is flourishing mainly in states like Mumbai. The services provided in the complete process of dental services is the main reason, people from Australia, the US, Canada opt for Dental procedure in India. Below are the benefits of getting dental treatments in Mumbai.

  • Cost-effective treatments and surgery.
  • Indian surgeons are highly skilled and can perform complex surgeries with care and ease.
  • The diagnosis done by Indian doctors are thorough, and they know the right treatment for it.
  • The schedule waiting time for appointment and surgery is minimal.
  • The facilities and equipment are advanced
  • It is easy to get a medical visa for dental treatments.
  • Other expenses like food, accommodation and travel are low cost.

Indian dentistry has developed with the setting up of the most advanced infrastructure and technology worldwide. India is very well known for its hospitality and is not behind in the dental sector as well. Apart from Dentist India has some of the best, Oral surgeons, Periodontists, Orthodontists and gum specialist in Mumbai.

Services Provided by Shah's Dental Serenity  

Shah's Dental Serenity is based in the heart of Mumbai offering complete family dental services and oral health care ranging from Dental Implants, Full mouth rehabilitation and more. Below is the list of Services provided by them:

  • Comprehensive care and support for dental treatments
  • Complete Oral Cosmetic solution
  • End-to-end assistance for dental tourism in India
  • Helping you Select a surgeon ad per you comfort
  • Explaining the procedure and selecting one.
  • Planning your visit, stay and arranging travel.
  • Helping with complete required documentation
  • Requirements like accommodation, transportation, & food
  • Post-procedural instructions

To know more about dental surgeons in South Mumbai, you can visit our page and inquire about more.

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