Best dentist in Mumbai
23 September 2019

We use your teeth to eat, talk, and smile. To do all these things and more almost every day, people tend to take their teeth for granted. It is imperative to take care of your teeth daily and in the long run. We cannot force you to take your oral hygiene because that\'s a matter of personal choice; however, we can give you a list of 20 interesting human teeth facts that you will perhaps enjoy reading.

19 September 2019

There was a reason why Willy Wonka’s dad never allowed him to eat any chocolates as it was a potential risk for his teeth,but you don’t need to leave your house for it like he did.

5 things you need to know about dental tourism
23 August 2019

Over a short span of time, India has become the center for dental tourism. The development in the field of the medical sector has given a boost to the dentistry sector as well. India has become a favoured stop for dental tourism for its exclusive services, great team of dentist, infrastructure, high-tech technology. With technological advancement updated par with developed countries like the United States and Australia.

Invisible braces in Mumbai
13 August 2019

A smile is the best thing we can wear and not choosing to, be such a shame. People nowadays are conscious about how they look while smiling. Imperfect teeth have impacted the self-esteem of so many people, and maybe you are one of them. Smile is not your strong suit, but who said it couldn’t be. Adults stay with their imperfect teeth thinking that the time to consider braces is long gone.

The Next 5 Things You Should Do For Invisible Braces Success
29 July 2019

Acquiring straighter teeth from the dentist may be achieved through numerous strategies. Metal braces are usually avoided because of look and inconvenience. There's additionally the choice of invisible braces, however the majority like Invisalign because it is even less visible once more. That's why Invisalign has become one in all the foremost common treatments all over for achieving straighter teeth.

Some Amazing Invisible Braces Treatment Hacks
22 July 2019

It is said, having brackets and wires in your mouth does take a little getting used to. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favourite braces hacks and things to make wearing braces easier.